Zephr implementation services

Zephr is a best-in-class user journey orchestration platform that provides identity management, content gating and first party data for brands and publishers. Pragmatic are Zephr’s UK professional services partner; we’re here to help you get up and running with Zephr and provide deeper expertise on request.


  1. Discovery – analysis of your current web estate and requirements to assess implementation challenges and opportunities. Deliverable of a written implementation plan.
  2. Implementation – either supporting your team on implementation or undertaking the implementation directly. Deliverable of your site with a basic Zephr implementation up and running.
  3. Training – providing training sessions and on-demand support to your team to introduce them to Zephr, help them understand functionality and provide support beyond Zephr’s standard support.
  4. Ongoing services – taking a basic Zephr implementation and extending it e.g. adding integrations, leveraging the API, creating more complex request rules, cross-estate implementations, etc.


  1. You implement – £5k + VAT
  2. We implement – £10k + VAT

* Costs are illustrative based on a standard model; your costs may vary depending on the specifics.


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