My name’s Ewan Jones, and for the past week I have been doing work experience at Pragmatic.

I am currently studying maths, computer science and film studies at BHASVIC. After college I intend to study IT for Creative Industries at university, eventually finding a design and/or development placement at a software or web development company.

I landed this work experience placement through connections with a local web developer. He recommended I talk to Pragmatic about spending some time in their offices on a short placement. Personally, before this I had little experience developing a web page. My first time using web development software was on my father’s personal WordPress page and through college I learnt some basic HTML and CSS code. But at Pragmatic I had a lot of help from the team I was sitting in with to develop my own WordPress site.

I was seated with one team in the office for the majority of my week, but I did get to go around in the first few days and meet everyone from the company. I worked closely with Tom Chute, Adam Hollister, Bryony Seal, Sean Blakeley, Nic Fusciardi and Lauren Drinkwater; not only learning about design and development in WordPress, but also about the industry and how to liaise with clients. The point that really made my week was when Sean taught me how to set up a client so I could host a website locally; this is because he was the first person here who taught me something and he did it in a way that was useful and easy to follow. Without a doubt Pragmatic are the most genuine and helpful people I have worked with.

If I could have anyone’s job here it would be Nic’s. Web design has always been something that interests me, but the work I’ve seen Nic do looks amazing (honestly I am a little jealous.) If there is an open design space here at Pragmatic I will definitely be applying for it; I have had a lot of fun this past 5 days and would be happy to do it all again.

Occasionally we offer work experience places to people thinking about starting a career in digital media. If you’re interested in a placement, get in touch.