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WordPress Scalability: How to scale your WordPress website as your business grows from startup to enterprise

A few weeks ago we wrote about how to future-proof your website. In it, we touched on what you can do to ensure your website can grow as your company does. This week, we’re delving deeper into this subject and will be shedding some light on WordPress scalability, explaining how exactly you can scale your website as your business grows from a small startup to an enterprise company.


Start off with a host that offers small hosting packages to save you money at the beginning, and that offers larger packages for as your company grows. Although it is enthusiastic to start off with a larger hosting package than your current needs, it could waste you money as it really isn’t all that difficult to move up a package once you’re with a host.

We’re big supporters of WP Engine for WordPress hosting. They specialise in hosting for WordPress websites which means their service is entirely tailored to your website’s needs and requirements. One reason they’re great for your growing business is they offer a range of packages from individual or startup hosting to large enterprise hosting packages. Their packages help you scale for the amount of traffic your website generates and data it will consume, whilst also providing best-practice developer support and a proactive security team to protect your site against security attacks and enable humongous scalability and speed for your site.


Your website’s products, services and pricing model will evolve over time as your business grows. So should your content.


Your prices will change and adapt over the years. This is especially true for service companies. Starting off with a pricing page that allows for a price package comparison table means you can easily update it as your prices change.

As your skills improve, you’ll find you start charging more for your products and services, which will mean you will need to put more emphasis on their value. This is a critical area to demonstrate what you’re offering is better than your competitors.

Expanding your customer base

You will find as you grow your company you will expand to exporting your goods or offering your services to other countries. Investing in country specific websites is something you may end up doing further down the track, but in the beginning of this growth path you can start with translating your website into other languages, showing prices in different currencies, and tailoring your content to different cultures. Don’t forget to add canonical tags to avoid duplicate content issues for country specific pages within the same website.


To keep your product or service ranges organised as your company grows, we suggest putting in place a structured categorising system from the beginning. This can be in the form of including the category within the URL, for example: Not only will this keep you organised, but it’s useful for SEO purposes.

Blog writing

When it comes to content writing for your blog, you should be writing evergreen [footnote]Long-lived content that can be read “all year round”[/footnote] articles from the beginning about your experience and expertise. This will ensure as your business grows and your articles become older and more dominant in search results, you will be getting a steady stream of traffic through from organic traffic.

The Pragmatic approach to scaling your website as your company grows

At Pragmatic, we want every website we create to easily scale as our customers’ businesses grow. To do that, we always do the following:

  • Give you a hosting package that suits your current needs, but can be easily upgraded as you grow
  • Offer regular website maintenance to ensure the technical side of your website is always up to date
  • Provide you with the training you and your team need to continually update your WordPress website as your products, services or prices change
  • Be your WordPress technology partner – caring about your business, offering experience-based advice and keeping you up to date with the latest trends


We’ll always be here to turn to when you want your website to be updated or redesigned as your business evolves. Get in touch to find out more.

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