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Earlier this month, our talented developer Callum attended the FF Conference at Brighton’s Duke of York Picturehouse. Below is what he thought of the event.

“So this year I decided to attend FF Conf again after the great talks I watched in 2016. This year was definitely a step up in quality and had some really brilliant speakers.

It was hosted by Remy and Julie from Left Logic, and Remy started the day off by introducing us to the conference. Following Remy was James Kyle, who had one of the most entertaining talks in my opinion in ‘Rethinking the web platform’. It was a talk about how he got started in learning programming for web and how we can make this far more accessible for people just starting out, and how we as a community can make the web a better place.

Following James, there was Bruce Larson’s talk on using CSS within JS which eventually let on how the web allowed him to connect with other people around the world after discovering that he had MS. This led him to meet a community online of others with the same disease, which forged relationships that he would have forever. This talk was a great example of how we can make the world a better place by connecting people through the internet.

There were some great talks from Monica Dinculescu, Blaine Cook, Katie Fenn, Jenn Schiffer and Joe Hart. However, my favourite talk was from Addy Osmani with his topic of ‘Lessons learned sciencing the web’. This talk went into some of the main issues of web apps and websites being slow and how to counteract this. He did this with a hilarious presentation with some amazing animated slides throughout the talk which really livened up the room.

Overall it was a great day out with loads of lessons learned put into practice with some really inspiring and entertaining speakers! I would thoroughly recommend others to attend next year as I most definitely will be!”

Image Credit: Seb Lee-Delisle