Online branding is an important part of your business strategy. It covers your website’s presentation and communication online. When it comes to your website, your online branding should reflect your face-to-face, print and physical branding, so your customers know it is the same business they’re interacting with as on other platforms.

WordPress is a fantastic publishing platform for businesses of all sorts, and its flexibility allows for communicating and actioning successful branding objectives. At Pragmatic, we understand the importance of great branding and how it can compliment a website to help your organisation achieve its goals online. To help you better understand great online branding and how we can help you achieve it through a new WordPress website, we’ve outlined what branding is, how website branding affects your business and why you should brand your website below.

Branding involves creating a consistent theme across all aspects of your organisation to communicate best your objectives and increase your revenue.

How does website branding affect your business?

The way you brand your organisation online plays a huge part of the success of your business. It is the presentation and communication of your business online that determines the type of customer your business will attract, how often they do business with you and whether or not they’ll give you a referral.

Website branding is important for businesses of all sizes because it is the face of the company online. If your brand is a florist and you sell elegant, contemporary, stylish flower displays, but your website it outdated, unresponsive and difficult to order from, your customers will remember the challenging online experience rather than the beautiful flower display they purchased.

Why brand your business’ website?

  • Branding makes your business individual. It makes your website memorable and ensures it stands out from your competitors. When a customer needs to choose between two competing businesses, it is the website’s branding that could be the deciding factor.
  • Branding creates expectations to your customers. By branding your website, you’re giving customers an idea of what to expect from your products or services.
  • Branding helps you communicate your strengths and key business deliverables. World-class customer services or a super speedy delivery track record can be difficult to communicate to a potential customer before they do business with you. Branding helps you achieve this.
  • Branding persuades your customers to do business with you. It communicates your key businesses deliverables, evokes emotion and awakens experiences within your potential customers.
  • Branding builds trust with your customers. It shows your organisation’s personality and authenticity, enabling you to connect with your customers at an emotional level. Trust turns one-time customers into lifelong customers.

Website branding affects:

  • The look and feel of your website
  • The way your website functions
  • Your logo
  • Your strapline
  • The colours used across your website
  • Your content copy (language and tone)
  • Your photography (product, blog and team photos)
  • The way you communicate with your customers online

Why a WordPress website helps you achieve successful branding objectives:

Every WordPress website we create is:

  • Easy to update – so you can keep ahead of your competition.
  • Fully responsive – reflecting your modern business.
  • Super user-friendly – the easier your website is to buy from, the more likely customers will do business with you again and again.

Need help with your online branding?

We can help you with your online branding to reflect your business’ ethos and communicate your services. We also work in partnership with local branding experts with whom we can put you in touch with if you’re after a rebranding of your entire business.

How we help you brand your business:

We have an in-house design team in the Pragmatic studio who can help you achieve your website objectives through beautiful, well-thought out online branding. All our design and branding services reflect your business’ unique selling point, your ethos, products, customers and objectives. We can either evolve your current brand or design it from scratch.

Our designers can:

  • Create you an online brand-book. These are brand guidelines that cover the colour scheme, fonts, any design elements within your website (calls to action, widgets, etc.) and can also cover the look and feel of your website.
  • Create a website wireframe. Our designers build a wireframe to illustrate the skeleton of your website, demonstrating what key components are needed and where they should go.
  • Style your website. Once our developers have built your website, our designers style your new website to follow your brand guidelines.

Speak to our WordPress experts today to learn more about our WordPress design services.