WordCamp Europe 2018 Contributor day

Pragmatic creative team had an amazing morning collaborating at WordCampEurope2018 Contributor day with other designers in the WordPress community.

A challenge was to enhance notification icon usability after feedback highlighted accessibly problems.

In a team consisting of Tim from Yoast, freelancers Jayman andVasilis, Jasper our designer and myself. Initially, we explored possibilities of expanding the icon to include a tool-tip style roll over but after some debate, focusing on the icon itself seemed the best route.

Tim had previously been working on some WordPress dashboard notification alerts, which created inspiration for a new positioning of the notification dot that now had global constancy.

Once we’ve dived in as a team we managed to quickly visualise various concepts into a neat set of options, to then potentially be A-B tested to decide a final route. It will be exciting to see if this might evolve in a real-world solution, but most importantly it was great to have the chance to meet and work with new people.


Heres what Jasper, our designer thought:

Contributor day was a great opportunity to give back to WordPress and help shape the future of potential features. We explored a variety of different solutions and settled on a solution that allowed the consistent placement of the notification dot as you can see in the pics. It was really nice to have the opportunity to focus on a tiny aspect of a User Interface.

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