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Website built by Pragmatic appears in The Guardian

Exciting times for Pragmatic at the moment – in fact there’s so much happening it’s hard to make the time to update this blog as often as I should.

But I can’t let this one go past without a mention.

Pragmatic has been working with the Journalism Foundation (a client that Pragmatic’s David Lockie worked with before the birth of Pragmatic) and Pits n Pots’ founder Mike Rawlins to redevelop the Pits n Pots website.

I’ll talk more about the work we’ve done to the site and why when I post a proper Portfolio post about it.

For now though I just wanted to say how excited I am that it’s appeared on The Guardian website.

The eagle-eyed amongst you that read The Guardian’s piece will also notice that the Journalism Foundation has just released a guide on how to create a local website. That, dear reader, is the subject of my next post.

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