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Tommy will be speaking at WordCamp Vienna!

We recently announced that both David and Tom will be speaking at WordCamp London. And today we have yet another announcement to make.

Tommy Ferry's company picture It’s a Pragmatic first, but one of our Pragmaticians will be speaking at WordCamp Vienna. You might have guessed who the speaker is from the title and well, the picture, but nonetheless, drum roll please … ? It’s Tommy Ferry!! For his first time speaking at WordCamp, he will be talking about ‘Taking the plunge: why you should use new technology on client projects’.

This year, WordCamp Vienna will take place on the 27th and 28th of April at UNI Campus in the Altes AKH. Much like every WordCamp around the world, WordCamp Vienna is a community-organised event. It should be attended by everyone who uses WordPress and everyone who could/should use WordPress. No matter how much or how little they know about WordPress, WordCamps are for everyone.

So, let’s take a look at what you can expect from Tommy’s talk.

‘Taking the plunge: why you should use new technology on client projects’

I’m sure we can all agree that the official release of Gutenberg has changed the way users interact with the content editor. Well, for developers, much like Tommy himself, it can be risky to dive into this new and unfamiliar territory on a client project. That’s why we can see many agencies and freelancers who are reluctant to develop custom blocks for their clients.

But, finding the “perfect” time to implement a new technology is next to impossible. This talk will explore a custom block project that was launched before Gutenberg came to core. It demonstrates precisely why you shouldn’t be afraid to jump in, the tangible benefits for you and for your clients, and some of the challenges you could face along the way.

So if you see either Tommy or Laura, (who will be volunteering at WordCamp Vienna), be sure to say hi, they won’t bite.

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