Talent Festival 2018

Talent Fest 2018

On the 6th June 2018, Tom Chute, our People Operations Director, will be joining the Talent Festival Skills Summit to chat about recruitment and retention in Brighton. Tom will be joining Ed Hickey (Commercial Director, DabApps), Mariam Crichton (Head of Project Management, Every1 Mobile) and Caroline Walmsley (CEO & Founder of Further my Future) to discuss their experiences, challenges and where they see opportunities to do things better.

It’s easy to assume, especially as summer is well and truly underway, that Brighton sells itself and recruiting in Brighton is easy. However, we’re still a relatively small city and there are a number of issues that can make finding and keeping good people challenging. The Talent Festival is a great example of why Brighton is such a lovely place to work, where we see lots of digital and agency folk getting together to tackle challenges together.

– From Tom Chute, our People Operations Director

You can buy tickets for the Talent2018:Skills Summit here .

One of the challenges we face at Pragmatic is attracting really good contractors who want to join our team more permanently. We understand that people love the flexibility of freelance or contract work and we have spent time coming up with a range of ways permanent members of the team can get that freelancer experience, with all the benefits of being part of a bigger team:

  • Flexible working. Create a work pattern that works for you. If you’re a morning person and want to get cracking before most people have had their breakfast – fine! If you work better into the eve, that’s also cool with us.
  • Remote working. We currently have team members in Vietnam, Guatemala, Spain and not forgetting Norwich! Whether it’s an afternoon at home so you can focus on a specific task, or a couple of months working in another country, we love the fact our team want to explore other places and periods working away is often the best way to do this.
  • Remote access to meetings. OK, this one isn’t perfect. It’s tricky enough to get everyone in a room, let alone good quality audio and video so remote teammates can contribute. However, we are always improving the remote experience here, and we’re working hard on permanent and reliable remote access features in our brand new office.
  • Autonomy. Having autonomy over your tasks and time is one of the key intrinsic motivators that makes freelancing appealing. We regularly check-in with the team here to make sure they have the chance to carve out their own way of doing thing, and quickly pick up with people they are working with if this isn’t the case.
  • Conference and event attendance. As a freelancer you can put a trip down to a conference as a business expense and choose which events you want to go to. Because of this we actively encourage, and pay for, the team to go to events and conferences to learn, network and get inspired. These trips great opportunities to bond with the rest of the team and others in the industry.

The above initiatives come from our agile approach to HR/People Operations. If we try something for a few sprints and it’s not working, we’ll adjust and iterate on that process until it does – it works for our projects so why not our internal business processes?

We’ve currently got a load of great opportunities to join Pragmatic and would love to chat with anyone interested. You can apply through the form on each of the pages:

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