It’s with tremendous excitement that I can share with you today the speakers for the upcoming PACE event on Wednesday 12 September 2018 in The Clubhouse, London. Full details and the few remaining tickets are available here:

It’s an absolute cracker of a line-up, featuring Aparna Mahadevan from Amazon, Parry Malm from Phrasee (an AI marketing platform that writes better marketing content than humans), Ed Smith from Humley (an AI multichannel engagement platform) and Riham Satti from MeVitae (an AI platform that promises to help people make better hiring decisions by removing bias).

Here’s a quick look at each speaker, their talk, and bio.


The improvements to consumers lives that voice represents

Aparna is a Senior Solutions Architect at the head of one of the most current and successful business platforms on the planet: she works on the legendary Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based service, and the brain that powers devices such as Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot. More specifically, Aparna works on the Alexa Skills Set initiative, which allows all kinds of developers – large, small, independent to add new skills, capabilities or services to Alexa themselves. During her talk, Aparna will be addressing the improvements to consumers lives that voice represents.


Artificial intelligence and Human language

Parry has worked with countless brand outlets to optimise marketing results for over 15 years. He is one of the world’s leading experts on digital marketing and combines this expertise with an extensive background in computer science, statistics, and commercialising artificial intelligence. Founded in 2015, Phrasee has seen annual growth of 622% and 346% in its second and third year consecutively; the company has developed into a profitable, multi-million-pound business in three short years.


Insights into how companies can adopt AI-powered chatbots

Ed brings over 20 years’ experience launching D2C and B2B products and services globally; including 10 years with mobile technology startups such as TIS (acquired by Scottish Telecom/Thus), AirMedia, elata (acquired by Qualcomm), and a further 7 years based in the USA with Qualcomm Inc. the world’s largest chipset manufacturer. Smith is currently Cofounder and Chief Product Officer at Humley, leading a team that applies Artificial Intelligence to human engagement technologies through natural language communication with a focus on context and actionable responses.


Human potential and human intelligence

Riham Satti is a TEDx speaker, multi-award winning business leader, and entrepreneur. Recognised by Forbes as ‘Female Founder Taking the UK by Storm’. Riham’s main interests lie in leveraging technology to unleash human potential and human intelligence. She co-founded MeVitae in 2014, and now involved in several women in tech initiatives; founder of LinkedIn’s Women in Tech group and director at TechTonic Women. Riham holds two postgraduate degrees – Clinical Neuroscience from the University of Oxford and a Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College London. Her years of academic research includes publications in computational neuroscience, and thesis into the modelling and organisation of the human connectome.

These folks represent some of the leading thinking in AI and I’m genuinely excited to hear what they have to tell us about our futures.

If you haven’t got your ticket already, hurry along, there aren’t many left:

See you there!

Photo by Craig Sybert on Unsplash

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