It’s with great pleasure that I can announce to you… <drumroll> … a new phase in the development of Pragmatic Web Limited, our very first commercial plugin: </drumroll> Canvas Page Element Hider! <airhorn/> <airhorn/> <explosion noise/> <airhorn/>

Now available from PootlePress‘s marketplace, it’s a WooThemes Canvas-specific plugin that gives users the ability to fine-tune the way specific posts, pages, products, events (and more) look using simple CMS checkboxes.

As the Pootlepress site says:

The Page Element Hider Canvas Extension allows you to hide various elements on a page by page basis, by integrating with Canvas Settings on every page. No more messy CSS code for hiding things page by page.

And here’s the lovely graphic the guys made for the product:

We hope you like it. It marks an exciting new phase in Pragmatic’s development. There’s more to come, more plugins, more announcements, more goodness. Stay tuned and thanks for listening. <trumpet fanfare />