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Pragmatic Open Studios

Phil and Tom Chute at our Open Studios event
Phil introducing Tom Chute at our Open Studios event

The other week we opened our offices as part of Wired Sussex Open Studios event for the Brighton Digital Festival!

Four of our team who represented very different parts of our company delivered presentations on our processes and life at Pragmatic, how WordPress allows us to bring our client’s ideas to life online and how to forge your own career in digital. We held our talks in the terrace outside out offices, which is also used as a pop-up restaurant during the summer.

We had a blast and we hope our guests did too! It was fantastic meeting lots of new faces and learning about their backgrounds and experiences in the digital community.

Below we’ve outlined our highlights of the event and the details of the talks.

The great Pragmatic bake-off!

Pragmatic bakers Laura, Lauren, Edd and Ryan baked some delicious cakes for the events which went down a treat.

Ryan’s WordPress Victoria sponge cake was incredibly scrumptious and received many compliments!
Our guests couldn’t get enough of Ryan’s WordPress Victoria sponge cake! It was almost too beautiful to eat!
Nic helping himself to Lauren’s wheat and dairy-free chocolate cake.

How to Propel your Organisation Online with a WordPress Website

Angelo, Pragmatic’s Head of Sales, started off the talks by giving an introduction of Pragmatic to our guests and spoke about why we love WordPress and choose it to power our client’s websites.

Angelo explaining why we love WordPress so much!


Everyone enjoying Angelo’s talk on why we love WordPress.

UX & Creative Workflow in a WordPress Agency

Tom Still is a Team Leader and WordPress Developer at Pragmatic. He spoke about the user experience and creative workflows we use to put our ideas to life and make our client’s websites as profitable as possible.

Tom Still talking about our UX & creative workflows.
Attendees engaged in Tom’s Still’s talk about our UX and creative workflows.

From Wrestler to WordPress Developer


Phil is one of our WordPress Developers. Phil fills us in on his experience speaking at our Open Studios event below:

Aside from the cakes, which were clearly the main event of the afternoon, I had a great time telling my story of how I got into digital and sharing some of the lessons I learned along the way. As a society we’re quite obsessed with success and seem to have a big fear of failure, so it was nice to have people listen to all the times I’ve screwed up!

Developers tend to employ a very iterative process to building something – that is to say we build something, get it wrong and then fix it as we go.

Hopefully my story highlights that we can take the same approach to our lives – even when I found myself in a tough situation, it took loads of small changes to get myself back to a strong position. The net result is huge when I look back to where I was a year ago and where I was two years ago but it all came from the small improvements.

It was also great to talk to loads of new people and hear their stories. Hopefully what I said helped someone who’s possibly going through the same issues, but even if it didn’t help anyone, I hope it was at least entertaining! Although I was really nervous in the lead-up to it, it was also great to break out of my comfort zone a bit so definitely a memorable afternoon.


Pragmatic WordPress Developer Phil telling the story of his career path and how he went from a Wrestler to a WordPress Developer.

Happy Teams

Tom Chute is a Team Leader here at Pragmatic. Since last year our team has more than doubled, which means it’s important we know how to look after our team and make sure they continue to be happy as we expand. Tom explained what exactly it is he does to keep his team happy and developing in their roles.

Tom Chute explaining how he keeps his team happy here at Pragmatic.
Everyone enjoying Tom Chute’s talk on how to make your team happy.

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Photography by Becky Netley.

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