Pragmatic ISO 27001 – Once More With Feeling

Having achieved ISO 27001 world class information security accreditation just over one year ago, we’ve been working hard ever since to evolve our information security chops even further. The hackers and bad actors don’t stop evolving their practices so neither can we.

The drive to outsmart the hackers and ever improve our information security manual and system is two fold.

Firstly we give a very big damn about the information that comes into our possession – be it from clients, employees, suppliers or whoever – and we want to protect it. Secondly we want to maintain our prized ISO 27001 accreditation, and ‘continual improvement’ is a fundamental part of the ISO 27001 standard.

We’ve never had a security incident nor data privacy breach so we’re 100% on track for taking care of the information we receive and shepherd. And what’s more, we just achieved another a clean sheet for ISO 27001 to boot, so we’re basically smashing it!

Rest assured if you entrust us with your information we’re going to guard it like it’s a super precious commodity, which, as we understand these things, it most certainly is.

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

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