A bold visual identity for a globally recognisable brand

Martini, a sister brand to Bacardi, wanted to develop their visual identity into a bright and vibrant website. While maintaining the general page structure of their existing site, we set about brightening up their look and feel to deliver an exciting mobile first experience.



Power to the brand

Martini had long maintained static web-spaces, so we delivered a fully customisable and intuitive back end, allowing the brand to keep the site up to date with their ever fluid cocktails, products, and photography.

Edge to edge creative was a must for Martini, having every inch of the screen filled with bright images. This visual identity is at the core of Martini’s exciting and fun vibe and lead us to find creative ways to stack content for various screen size, and deliver a high volume of quality images rapidly.

“As we progressed through the project, it became clear that we needed to zoom out from looking at this as a purely development project and work with the client to add a creative phase to accommodate the small but significant changes requested.”

David Lockie. Founder & Director, Pragmatic

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