Using the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg, to develop a global brand experience for industry leaders Lindy.

For a multinational group of independent companies, providing a cohesive brand experience for customers worldwide can be challenging. Lindy is a global supplier of information technology and audio visual cabling and connectivity components. They are purveyors of products that seamlessly connect, share, convert and extend a wide range of digital and analogue signals. Lindy’s extensive portfolio offers end to end solutions to large distributors, resellers and system integrators alongside individual consumers. Trading worldwide, family values are integral to their success to date and underpin the ongoing practice of offering outstanding service and technical expertise to all customers, both pre and post sale.


Founded in 1932, the Lindy Group has since become a global business with locations spanning Europe, reaching as far as Australia, Japan, and Indonesia. As a result of the gradual expansion, Lindy found themselves with multiple, disparate websites. These were functional sites that had evolved without strategy, often built with, and operating on, different technologies. Their digital presence failed to represent the worldwide scale of their business. The main .com site was effectively a landing page. The e-commerce website projected an image of a retail business selling to the public when, in fact, 80% of their trade is B2B, with Amazon being their largest customer.


Lindy felt it was time to start anew with one, global, multilingual brochure site that would reflect their brand heritage and position as market leader. They had a clear vision to communicate their global brand, culture and in-house skill set and actively searched for an agency who would seek to understand and implement this with them.

Approach. A broader concept than cables.

After meeting with multiple agencies prominent in WordPress, Lindy appreciated that Pragmatic spent time with them to understand their core brand values and vision as well as their working practices. They chose us to collaborate with. There’s nothing too exciting about cables. Well, no. But, there is something exciting about the infinite possibilities cables can provide. Lindy enlisted Pragmatic to add more vitality, via design and UX to showcase exactly what their portfolio enables the end user to do, and to breathe life into the dry and seemingly one dimensional topic of connectivity.

As part of our discovery process we joined Lindy’s key stakeholders in London to workshop dynamic exercises, helping us to understand their functional needs, design requirements and MVP. These bespoke sessions with tailored tasks helped to tease out brand values and user personas.


Pragmatic loves working with innovators. Lindy made bold choices and pushed design and functionality boundaries, choosing rich video and corporate content. Ensuring their site would be at the forefront of the industry, working in incremental, two week sprints, our team was responsive to technological developments. This meant we could utilise Gutenberg’s release to bring together the group’s disparate sites to one multilingual platform.

Currently, WordPress needs the user to learn a lot of concepts, Gutenberg lets them learn it once and use it everywhere. Our flexible, proactive approach to project management means we could use Gutenberg in a project already under development as soon as it became available. The new site showcases Lindy as a corporate enterprise, reflecting the quality of their brand, the heritage of the group and the products they sell.

We do feel valued as a customer, especially when you look at Pragmatic’s client list, Bacardi, Sage etc. It would be very easy to think we’re not that important, but when you see how quickly things are picked up and the level of attention that’s paid, it’s obvious that it’s a level playing field…

Ian Buckingham, LINDY


Inadequacies of the previous site resulted in a multitude of missed opportunities, including potential recruitment, chances to promote the Lindy brand and increase sales worldwide. Our flexible processes meant we could implement and make changes to the platform used, right down to the wire.* The use of new and groundbreaking technology in the form of Gutenberg has given Lindy the freedom to self-publish marketing material, demonstrating products and complex technologies previously only delivered in the print format of brochures and catalogues.

Due to the nature of the previous site, there’s a blank canvas in terms of metrics, another valuable resource which wasn’t being utilised until now. Lindy can now track how their website is performing, and make any relevant changes or updates.

The platform has enabled Lindy to introduce digital standards and guidelines across the site and has greatly improved their editorial workflow. Bespoke but not bolt on, Pragmatic’s modular approach lends itself to future-proofing websites such as this one, leaving scope to expand and add additional multi-language sites in the future. In fact, following the website’s success in their international markets, Lindy has recently identified China as the next version to be added to their content hub. We look forward to continue working with Lindy on this project, and any further expansions they require, in the near future.

*Sorry, we couldn’t resist(or) it.