Setting trends in the UK's Hair industry

Headmasters is one of the country’s largest and most creative hairdressing chains, with 48 branches throughout the UK. Having provided digital services for many years, our partnership continues to be successful, with several awards under our belt and traffic numbers rocketing year on year.



A social hub for style lovers

Headmasters are a leading figure in the UK’s Hair industry, each year the Pro Art Team create a brand new collection. These styles help define the trends adopted by fashion lovers across the UK. Our challenge is to keep the Headmasters digital presence as up to date as the brand itself.

By funneling social media channels through the HM website, we have helped to create a content hub that reflects the pace of change. From Instagram to Twitter, Pinterest to Facebook, the social activity all feeds the WordPress powered site, as a result site engagement and brand exposure have both on a steep incline.

Keeping users up-to-date

To help keep thousands of loyal customers up-to-date, Pragmatic provide ongoing assistance to the Headmasters’ marketing team. Our own in-house marketing team provide guidance on content strategy, including the creation of promotional email content and offers, visual design and social media updates. Meanwhile our support team are on hand for regular site updates, including new functionality and plugin updates.

3 times winner of the Creative Head best website awards, Headmasters retired to Hall of Fame status!

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