A new website for a luxurious experience

Jamie Oliver’s favorite Italian sisters actually grew up in Wales in a close-knit community where food and family is always the center of life. Michela, Emi and Romina has produced several recipe books, their latest being ‘Baby at the Table’, a family focus book aimed at parents who want to share wholesome food with their children.

With the new book arrived a new brand, closely followed by a complete redesign and build if thechiappas.com




The new Chiappa Sisters website was a unique project that needed to convey the fabulous personality of the sisters and embrace their love for family life and food. Our design approach was bold, energetic and colorful, making use of hand drawn fonts and icons to provide a homely touch. At the same time the navigation was completely restructured with a full width ‘mega menu’ to allow the user to be inspired, or head straight to their recipe of choice.

Recipe Markup

To ensure the popular content of this site reaches it’s audience, we added the google standard recipe markup. This technique structures the data to provide rich cards and host-specific lists for recipes, such as reviewer ratings, cooking and preparation times, and nutrition information.

Recipes on demand

Finding recipes quickly and using mobile devices whilst cooking has become a normality, naturally a large portion of the Chiappa audience use phones and tablets to view content. As such, a mobile first approach to the design was an easy decision, ensuring that the navigation and user experience are smooth as possible, and recipes followed a simple and logical order, making the cooking experience a joy.

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