Ashdown Group gain control of their content with WordPress and Pragmatic

Specialising in IT, Marketing, HR and Accountancy, the Ashdown Group consistently delivers for their thousands of customers. Their core values of service, transparency and quality advice run through everything they do, and have enabled them to be an authoritative voice in the sector since 1999. In the ever-changing world of recruitment, being able to adapt to the market and stay ahead of trends has meant Ashdown Group are in a great position to capitalise on an improved digital presence, with the new website at the core.

The Challenge

The team at Ashdown Group were being held back by their old content management system. Templates weren’t flexible, site speed and performance meant users were waiting around to see the content, and landing pages weren’t converting as well as the team knew they could.


  • New UX and design to improve user journeys and increase conversions (job registrations)
  • Flexible CMS allowing the team to control content within pre-crafted design patterns
  • Optimised landing pages that can be deployed at speed
  • Seamless integration with third party jobs platform


We always start with a discovery phase. This helps us:

  • Deeply understand what our clients are trying to achieve, 
  • Interrogate these proposals and really understand ‘why’
  • Find out about the end user or customers
  • Align expectations and set project goals
  • Develop ways of working that enable a proper collaborative approach

We invest in discovery up-front to mitigate risks later in the project. It’s great when a client embraces this, and we loved going on this journey with Ashdown Group. Following the discovery, we had a clear view on the UX and technical challenges to overcome.

As part of our discovery process we joined Lindy’s key stakeholders in London to workshop dynamic exercises, helping us to understand their functional needs, design requirements and MVP. These bespoke sessions with tailored tasks helped to tease out brand values and user personas.

UX and design integrity

There’s a fine line between CMS flexibility and staying true to the creative direction of designers. Pragmatic used a modular approach to the design and build, that meant content can be easily created, added to layouts and edited with the integrity of the designs maintained.

“It was clear with this project that the site had been added to and tweaked over time, which meant the user journey wasn’t as smooth as it could be. When conversions are what really matters, we focus designs on reducing friction through the user experience.”

Jasper, Lead Designer @ Pragmatic

We are very happy with the project. We knew what we wanted to achieve, but the discovery phase challenged these assumptions, ultimately leading to a successful project. It’s very easy for delivery teams to say “yes”, but the real value add is being able to say “No, this will work better

John Lynes – Ashdown Group

Technical sustainability

Knowing that Ashdown Group has a strong history of staying ahead of technological trends, the build team has incorporated solid, best practice foundations at the core of this project. This means new features can be deployed rapidly, knowing that performance and user experience is going to be maintained.

The ability to seamlessly add-in features was tested immediately, when new requirements surfaced during the project. The Pragmatic team were able to add in enhanced search with minimum disruption to both the performance and project timelines.


A slick new design on top of an equally elegant editing experience. The new CMS allows Ashdown Group’s content team to build super fast landing pages that are personalised for the target audiences. The new information architecture, including sophisticated search, allows users to easily navigate to where they need to be, and convert once they are there.


Increased conversions


Performance boost

“We love it!”

Editor satisfaction