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PACE Talks: An interview with Ryan Cochrane, Head of Commercial Operations at Good-Loop

Our PACE event series gives us the opportunity to hear from those at the forefront of digital, and for them to share their insights and experience with a highly engaged audience of their peers. The series takes a look at the intersection of marketing, technology and media, with past events covering topics such as the future of content, data, privacy, marketing automation and AI, with speakers joining us from Amazon, Oracle, Sage, Zone (Congnizant), Dell, Culture Trip, and more. They’re an opportunity to hear thought provoking ideas and always inspire a lively discussion.

The next instalment of PACE, 2020 Vision, on Thursday 14th November at Ace, Shoreditch, is set to be no different. We’ll be taking a look at the emerging trends and technologies set to disrupt our industry in the coming year ahead and beyond. With this in mind, we’ve taken the opportunity to get to know the awesome speakers we have joining us on the day, and gain a bit of insight into how they see the future of digital shaping up.

First in the hot seat is Ryan Cochrane, Head of Commercial Operations at Good-Loop, on Thursday he’ll be taking us through what he sees as most relevant for the future and how Good-Loop fit into the media landscape.

1. What emerging trend or technology are you most excited about heading into 2020?

People are Angry.

People aren’t scared to voice their opinions anymore, or just take what they’re given – the People’s Vote March and Extinction Rebellion as an example. There’s a lot of differing views on how things should change, and we need to find common ground as society on all sides. But, there’s a real hunger for change. The one thing people agree on, on all sides, on most issues, is that the status quo can’t continue. This in itself can be a tremendously good thing if we don’t screw it up by being awful to each other.

2. What are your thoughts on brand purpose?

Unfortunately, I believe it’s become a swear word. Even when we refer to it, I feel my eyes rolling. That’s because it’s been taken and used to justify all manner of things, often misguidedly. Brand purpose is now redundant, and fragmented – brand personality is probably nearer the mark. What does a brand think, feel and do on subject X? I think many are on that journey, and we’ll be better off for the trip. But we’ve a few years of greenwashing yet before we get there.

3. What does your ideal client look like?

We see out best results, and deliver our best work, when we work with people who are smart, are open to a challenge and express how they feel often.

4. Are we more or less connected than 50 years ago?

More. Are we closer emotionally to our fellow person than 50 years ago, no. But we have more ways of connecting, spending time together, sharing lives and moments than ever. At some point, we can’t blame technology, and have to face the fact that better connection means we’ve learned to take it for granted – so inevitably, become more detached emotionally. So, more connected – but more detached.

5. What does the future of work look like to you?

It looks like a P45 for most of us. In the next 20-30 years, we’re going to be faced with some extremely hard decisions as a society. There’s a lot of writing about the future of automation – and the reality is, a lot of people’s job will be replaced by machines. This needn’t be a bad thing – if society can be free of having to work, why must that be bad? It’s only bad if we allow it to be. We need to prepare for that world.

6. If you could introduce one law tomorrow, what would it be?

As it happens, Extinction Rebellion have this bill that answers this question very conveniently – legal obligation to declare climate emergency, push for zero net emissions by 2025, and create a citizens assembly to work with the state to achieve it. I support XR, albeit at times with a wince and a cringe. But I’ve no doubt that this bill could be a big positive step.

7. Delete Facebook – yes/no

No. Horse, door, bolted.

8. Favourite meme of 2019?

CSI: Rooney…

9. In one word, how would you sum up the value that Good-Loop offer?


10. Favourite SciFi movie?

Back to the Future.


A huge thank you to Ryan for sharing his thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing more from him at PACE 2020 Vision on 14th November.

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