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PACE Talks: An interview with Lisa Targett, UK General Manager at TRIBE

Our PACE event series gives us the opportunity to hear from those at the forefront of digital, and for them to share their insights and experience with a highly engaged audience of their peers. The series takes a look at the intersection of marketing, technology and media, with past events covering topics such as the future of content, data, privacy, marketing automation and AI, with speakers joining us from Amazon, Oracle, Sage, Zone (Congnizant), Dell, Culture Trip, and more. They’re an opportunity to hear thought provoking ideas and always inspire a lively discussion.

The next instalment of PACE: 2020 Vision, on Thursday 14th November at Ace, Shoreditch, is set to be no different. We’ll be taking a look at the emerging trends and technologies set to disrupt our industry in the coming year ahead and beyond. With this in mind, we’ve taken the opportunity to get to know the awesome speakers we have joining us on the day, and gain a bit of insight into how they see the future of digital shaping up.

Following on from James Poulter yesterday, we have Lisa Targett covering off our q’s with some a’s. Lisa heads up TRIBE in the UK, as UK General Manager, with her finger on the pulse of social and the influencer market, we are really looking forward to hearing what’s going on in her world next Thursday.

1. What emerging trend or technology are you most excited about heading into 2020?

Social Commerce!! We’ve all been using Instagram to discover brands & products, but now Instagram is going to turn into a fully operational peer-to-peer marketplace, which will have a huge impact on the entire industry.

2. What’s your thoughts on brand purpose?

Its critical brands have a purpose. In the same way that consumers are using ad blockers, and happily paying more money for non-ad-interrupted services like Netflix, plus having the ability to follow & unfollow news & media outlets at our disposal, we’re becoming more discerning about what messages we will & won’t choose to receive.

Consumers are applying that same agency to brands and their share of wallet. We’re seeing this improvement in consumer consciousness & buying power have a huge impact on advertising & the way brands are developing their products, positioning and messaging to customers. Having a purpose that is valid, adds value & listens to consumer feedback is critical for any brand to attract & retain loyal customers.

That loyalty breeds advocacy, which is now represented online with shared branded content & reviews by everyday people. It’s this incremental reach & momentum that gives brands a competitive advantage.

3. What does your ideal client look like?

Someone who is sick of the lack of quality, transparency & the ability to scale their influencer marketing activity. TRIBE is a platform built for speed and scale. 25% of our campaigns get a submission, by real customers, with finished content shot to brief, within the first 30 minutes. That’s the power of a marketplace that we’ve built for the last three years.

4. Are we more or less connected than 50 years ago? And thoughts?

Infinitely more connected & super aware of it! I think we’re reviewing what the potential damage of that always-on connectivity could be, but on balance, the pros far outweigh the cons. I think what we’re really struggling with as societies is the pace of change vs our traditional ways of doing things, as opposed to the change itself.

5. What does the future of work look like to you?

Flexible, diverse, multi-hyphenate & networked. There will be less hierarchy in organisations, less planned pathways and a heavy focus on skills like problem-solving, resourcefulness & communication that drive results, as opposed to defined roles & responsibilities. Those types of skills enable innovation and reward workers for building new solutions to new problems that we’ll be increasingly faced with.

6. If you could introduce one law tomorrow – what would it be?

No phones at the dinner table.

7. Delete Facebook – yes/no?

Absolutely not.

8. Favorite meme of 2019?

I’m still using the success baby.

Baby with clenched fist

9. In one sentence, how would you sum up the value that Tribe offer?

We believe the world’s advertising can be generated by the very people its designed to attract. We’re just connecting them.

A huge thank you to Lisa for sharing her thoughts with us. We look forward to hearing more from her at PACE 2020 Vision on 14th November.

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