UPDATE: We’ve found the Head of Operations of our dreams. We’ll tell you more in due course! In the meantime, we’re still looking for a Head of WordPress Support and WordPress developers.

It’s a very exciting time for Pragmatic. We’ve just moved to bigger central Brighton offices to accommodate our ever-expanding team, and we’ve got a new, ambitious five year strategy in place. That’s where you come in. We’re looking for someone to join our fantastic team, taking on the key Operations role.

That means taking accountability for taking a project from signed-off proposal through to happy client and profitable project completion. You’ll also need to integrate with the sales and marketing teams to ensure that the pipeline of projects is timely, interesting, relevant, commercially attractive and aligned with our business goals. The nature of our industry it that timescales are short, expectations high and the work we do often has a significant impact on the overall commercial performance of our clients. Making sure that we can take on pre-planned and ad-hoc work with a fast turnaround, professional and friendly communications and high quality production is demanding but extremely rewarding. It’s a role that the Director has played (with help) until now but the business is now at a size where we need someone to take on this strategic role.

Currently we’re focussed on client-facing WordPress services but our roadmap includes an increasing proportion of product, SaaS and recurring revenue creation.

This is a role of inestimable importance that will mean our team can reach the next phase of growth. We’re looking for someone very capable that is ready to commit to the team.

You’ll be:

  1. Someone that cares about helping people and businesses achieve their intentions online
  2. A proven and experienced manager with experience of production, project management and account management
  3. Conversant with what WordPress is and does
  4. Excited at the prospect of joining a talented and growing team with ambitious goals
  5. Happy to work hard (and sometimes very hard) as long as the motivation and reward are there
  6. Working closely with the director and a great team with a broad range of skills and experience
  7. Attentive to detail and an extremely good communicator

We can give you:

  1. Good money and the potential for personal bonuses and participation in an EMI/profit share scheme
  2. A great working environment
  3. Genuine care about your personal development and happiness at work
  4. A central Brighton location

Our office is currently the top floor of a building that also houses a fantastic nursery and creche so it’s potentially a good fit for someone with young kids.

Applications are now closed.