WordCamp Chiclana

José Arcos will be speaking at WordCamp Chiclana!

This October, José will be speaking at WordCamp Chiclana!

Jose Arcos is speaking at WordCamp Chiclana

Our remote workers support their local communities as much as we do in Brighton and London. We’re really excited to announce that José, one of our remote WordPress Developers, will be talking about Local Development Environment at WordCamp Chiclana 2017.

José will summarise all of the possibilities that we have to get a WordPress environment running on a local machine, like native installations of PHP and MySQL, AMP solutions, Docker and Vagrant Virtual Machines. He will focus attention on Vagrant and make a live install and set up of VVV, one of the most famous Vagrant environments for WordPress. Finally, he will be talking about how to deploy easily with Vagrant with tools like Ansible or Git Flow.

About Chiclana

Chiclana is a small tourist city, located in Southern Spain in the Cádiz province. It has strong traditional roots, and you can still see the wine cellar, fishermen, and salt works over the city. There are large beaches with a lot of surfers and great waves, small creeks where you can have a relaxed time, and several restaurants where you can enjoy fresh fish and a great cherry wine.

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