Last week at WordCamp Brighton, Pragmatic Senior WordPress Developer James Morrison spoke about the lessons he’d learnt about WordPress Multisite.

James’ talk Lessons learned using WordPress Multisite was on at 11:30am on Saturday 23rd July. James shares his experience speaking at WordCamp Brighton below:
JamesmorrisonwhiteAs a first time speaker, I was understandably nervous about getting up in front of an audience, but I found the nerves disappeared once I’d started my talk.

Preparation was the key here, I started writing the content 4 months ago; before I’d even applied. The hard work paid off though; I was confident about what I was going to say and had practised so much that simple notes were enough to remind me what I was going to say next.

If you’ve never spoken publicly before; I recommend a few things:

  1. Practice, practice, practice. You can’t do this enough. Get in front of an audience like your work colleagues. If you can speak in front of them confidently, you’ll be fine on the day
  2. Take a public speaking course. I was fortunate to have been offered a one-to-one session with Philippa from Speaking Well In Public – the advice she gave was invaluable.
  3. Practice some more. Seriously, the more you go over your talk the better it’ll be for everyone.
  4. No-one wants to see you fail; the audience is on your side. If you make a mistake, stop to take a minute, have a quick sip of water; breathe. Focus on what you were going to say, go over the words in your mind before starting again.

Watch the video:

View the slides:

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