WordCamp Brighton 2017

Introducing our WordCamp Brighton 2017 speakers!

We had a blast at the very first WordCamp Brighton last year. So were really excited when we heard WordCamp Brighton 2017 would be bigger and better than before.

With the event being held right on our doorstep, we jumped at the chance to get involved. Not only are we Pavillion sponsors, we’re speaking at the conference too!

We have Sean Blakeley, Phil Ward, and Laura Nelson all speaking at a WordCamp for the first time, and WordCamp aficionado David Lockie running a workshop.

Introducing our WordCamp Brighton 2017 speakers

David Lockie is speaking at WordCamp Brighton 2017

David Lockie – ‘WordPress Business Toolkit’ (Workshop)

When?: Friday 18th August, 16:00 pm
Where?: The Old Market
What?: Following on from his talks at WordCamp London and WordCamp Europe on his journey from freelancer to agency owner, David will be running a practical workshop on this topic. The session will include exercises that will help identify pain points and the ways in which you can tackle tricky business challenges, along with David sharing some indispensable advice that he wishes someone had told him in the early days of Pragmatic!

Laura Nelson is speaking at WordCamp Brighton

Laura Nelson – ‘Easing the Anxious Mind: Dealing with Anxiety in the Workplace’

When?: Friday 18th August, 15:00 pm
Where?: The Old Market
What?: Laura is amongst the 1 in 6 people in the UK who suffers from a long-term anxiety problem. Despite being a fairly common mental health issue, it’s still met with a lot of stigma and is often misunderstood.
In Laura’s talk, she’ll share her personal experience of dealing with an anxiety disorder and how it impacted her working life. She’ll be sharing her advice on what anxiety sufferers can do to help themselves, and what workplaces can do to support employees suffering from anxiety.

Sean Blakeley is speaking at WordCamp Brighton

Sean Blakeley – ‘Using the API in large (and small) projects’

When?: Saturday 19th August, 11:30 am
Where?: The Old Market
What?:  Last year, Sean was heavily involved with the development of the IamTeamGB website – an initiative run by The British Olympic Association, The National Lottery, ITV, and JoinIn to encourage the public to take part in Britain’s biggest sports day. During Sean’s talk, he’ll be sharing the inner workings of an enterprise API project, and how a bit of creative thinking enabled him to overcome some big challenges in the project. He will also look back at the successes, and how WordPress handled millions of visitors hitting the site.

Phil Ward is speaking at WordCamp Brighton

Phil Ward – ‘Coding your Career’

When?: Friday 18th August, 13:45 pm
Where?: The Old Market
What?:  The digital industry is constantly evolving, which means that developers need to adapt and change accordingly. But with so many possibilities, how do you start to build a rewarding career for yourself? In Phil’s talk, he’ll be exploring how to find out the things you’re really interested in, creating a personal learning plan, and how to market your skills to potential employers.

If you fancy coming along to WordCamp Brighton 2017, tickets are still available here. The whole team will be in attendance, so let us know if you’re going and would like to catch up.

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