We didn’t want to wait until we can host a physical PACE conference and hold back the fantastic content we have lined up this year. So we’re going online. Pragmatic, alongside friends from WP Engine and Zephr, will be hosting a 1hr free webinar on the 14th May covering:

  • Why organisations are using multiple CMS in their web estates
  • The trend towards headless and in turn the concept of content meshes
  • The challenges and rewards of personalisation on complex web estates
  • Technical implementation, case studies and practical tips for Zephr, a solution to personalising complex web estates

The prime focus of this event will be understanding how to drive value from content, especially in complex web environments. For example, where multiple CMSs are involved across different platforms.

Even before COVID-19 we were living through an intense time of change as digital transformation, revenue diversification and the complexity of digital experiences all accelerated and interplayed. In this webinar, we’ve invited two of our closest partners to join with us to tell the story of multiple CMS, headless content, content meshes and personalisation.

We’ll look at why these trends are emergent, what good practice looks like in terms of technology and architecture and how to leverage WordPress and Zephr to solve the revenue maximisation problem in a multiple revenue stream, cross-platform web estate.

We’ll be hearing from experts across different parts of the industry:

“Using multiple CMSs offers businesses the speed and agility they need to go to market faster, eliminating the need to re-platform legacy systems. As expectations around digital experiences intensify, especially in our current situation, the need to respond almost instantly IS the norm. Learn how enterprises are turning to multi-CMS, WordPress and headless to help them win.”

– Eric Jones, VP Marketing WP Engine

“Together with Pragmatic, Zephr helped a major B2B client drive ARPU by 40%, drove offline sales by 30% and increased ad-yields by 50%. Join us to learn how we did it”

– Felix Danczak, COO Zephr

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