Importing Word documents into Gutenberg

On Saturday during State of the Word at WordCamp US, a plugin we developed for one of our clients was featured in the Gutenberg section. We received lots of great feedback from our Twitter family, and many people have been asking us when the plugin will be added to the plugin directory.

We developed this plugin specifically for an enterprise client of ours, who required a solution that would allow them to import Word documents into the Gutenberg editor in WordPress. The format of the Word documents they produce is niche to their business, and the functionality of the plugin was built to support these specific documents; providing rich support for specific data tables, citations and more. It’s super cool (even if we do say so ourselves), but unfortunately those custom additions will not prove very useful to anyone outside of their organisation!

We used Michael Williamson’s excellent Mammoth plugin as the base for our approach – handling the importing and automatic formatting of Word documents – simply select ‘Convert to Blocks’ and let Gutenberg work it’s magic.

screenshot of the Mammoth plugin in action - demonstrating it's ability to convert Word documents to blocks

We’re currently exploring how we can make some of those juicy custom elements not quite so niche, so that we can share with you all in the near future. Watch this space!

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