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9 Helpful Resources for WordPress Site Owners

We’ve gathered this list of our most helpful resources about your WordPress website and our processes so that you can make the most of your new site beyond the launch.

WordPress – Pros and Cons

We’ve written an introduction to the WordPress platform that covers its benefits and advantages over other CMS’s and potential limitations (and how to overcome them!). In it we discuss theme and plugin development, future-proofing your website and software licensing.

Domains, nameservers and hosting for WordPress sites

We cover the technical requirements that help you push a site live on your own, self-hosted domain. In the guide we cover how we can assist you with your: domain, nameserver and website hosting and maintenance, website backups, and setting up your email.

Accessibility compliance, code validity, and browser testing

Learn how your site complies with accessibility guidelines to ensure everyone can easily access and use your website. Here we go over desktop and mobile browser testing, sitemaps (the different types, what they are and how to set them up), how and why we validate our code using W3C’s validator, and how we adhere to website accessibility best practices.

Web fonts for WordPress

Using web fonts is a fantastic way to improve your website’s readability and appearance. In this guide, we list the main web font techniques available and compare their pros and cons.

An introduction to visitors, traffic sources and engagement for WordPress sites

In this guide we get you thinking about your site’s visitors, from which traffic sources they’ll be arriving, and how you can get your visitors engaging with your products, services and content. A must-read for new website owners and for those wanting to improve and increase their online interaction.

An introduction to content strategy for WordPress sites

In this introduction to content strategy for WordPress websites, we go over the substance, structure, workflow and governance of an underlying content strategy around which you can plan your site’s content. We also go over the planning of your sitemap and how to handover your content to us so we can upload it into your new website.

How we optimise your site for SEO

Discover how your WordPress website is already optimised for SEO before you even start work on it.

Social media options for WordPress sites

We go over the value of integrating social media into your WordPress website and cover the different integration options available to you along with their unique benefits.

Why update WordPress?

We cover all the five main reasons why you should update the WordPress software whenever a new update becomes available. If it seems a bit daunting to do yourselves, you’ll be pleased to learn we offer a managed WordPress hosting service that includes monthly scheduled updates covering the WordPress software itself as well as the plugins and themes. Make sure you read the article if you want to understand the importance of updating WordPress.

We hope you’ve found our further reading resources helpful! If you would like to learn more about any of the aspects we mentioned here in regard to improving your WordPress website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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