In the good, old, early days of Twitter, anyone could grab tweets and display them on any website. Now Twitter’s all grown up and the sensible-heads have decided that anything that uses the Twitter API (the way that tweets can be shown on other sites) now needs to be authenticated. So, they’ve ‘retired’ the old API: This has resulted in an error when displaying your Twitter feed.

I’m sure it’s a sensible decision long-term but it is causing some disruption. Why?

Most Twitter plugins and themes used the old API – partly because they were developed when that was all there was and partly because it’s a lot easier to set up – just put in a user name.

Now, an official Twitter Widget must be created from within a user’s account to allow tweets to be used on other sites. There are enough WordPress plugins that support this new system that it’s straight-forward to fix, but it does take some time.

If you’d like us to fix your Twitter widget/tweets, we need:

  • Your Twitter login details (or a valid Twitter widget ID you’ve created yourself (you’ll need to be logged in:
  • Authorisation to spend 30 mins – 1 hour doing the work. 30 minutes if we’re just using the default styling that Twitter sends, more if we need to match a specific style or integrate the tweets in a more complex way

We’re happy to do this work for current clients or new ones – just contact us either way.

Note for existing clients: because this is a change to a 3rd party service and therefore outside of our control, this is a change (billable work) rather than a fix (non-billable). Cheers!