marketing assistant hayley“I wonder who’s been writing some of these smashing blog posts for the past couple of months?!” Ok, probably bigging myself up a bit too much there but, hi, my name is Hayley and I am Pragmatic’s Marketing Assistant. My introduction is coming to you a bit late as today in fact is my last day. I wanted to write a little bit about how I was introduced to Pragmatic, my experience, and a bit more about my role cos it’s currently up for grabs.?

How I came about working at Pragmatic:

I’d just come back from studying abroad for a year as part of my degree with all intentions on making the most out of my final year. With this in mind I volunteered at two conferences in Brighton – MeasureFest and BrightonSEO. It was at MeasureFest where I met Laura, aka Prag’s Marketing Manager. We spent the day chitchatting and she very kindly introduced me to Pragmatic. But rather than ramble on about my own experience, I’m going to refer you to this cracking blog post that Tom wrote on ‘How to get a job at a conference‘.

How it’s been managing an internship and final year of university:

My timetable this year allowed for 2 full days ‘off’ from uni so those were the days I worked at Pragmatic. It was a bit of a juggling game at times, especially during January uni deadlines and exam period. However, Pragmatic are amazing in terms of flexibility. They know that a strict 9-5 doesn’t work for everybody and they also allow for people to work remotely. Having that flexibility has been something that I’ve really valued this year.
Additionally, whenever I felt stressed by uni deadlines, Pragmatic have allowed for the necessary time out. They understand that mental health is just as important as physical health and should be treated the same.

My role as Marketing Assistant:

Something that I’ve loved about this role is that it can be quite varied. It’s been such an amazing introduction into the world of business and have learnt a great amount along the way. Some of the more consistent things that I have done throughout this year is writing blog posts and monthly newsletters. I also plan and post content for Pragmatic’s socials.

This role comes with a fair amount of writing. Blog posts and newsletter aside, I’ve written speaker applications for a variety of events, press releases, award applications and the occasional article for traditional media. You can also get out and about. I’ve attended a bunch of different events so that I can keep Pragmatic’s social accounts up to date. Either through video calls or in person I’ve led discussions with different people about work that they’ve done so I can create a blog post about it. Everyday is so different and I’ve loved it.

“So why are you leaving then?” Well essentially, I’ve finished uni (finally) and wanted to celebrate by travelling for a bit. I’m also leaving Brighton for the foreseeable future and whilst I could work remotely, my experience here has also been about the people that I’ve gotten to work with day to day but also get to know outside of work related tasks. Basically, I’d miss people too much and would want to see everyone everyday, make sense?

What’s Laura got to say about all of this?

Hayley has been absolutely brilliant. It’s been awesome to have someone else in my Marketing gang (non threatening – only good vibes here!), and help out with the variety of marketing tasks an agency of this size requires! The really awesome thing about Hayley, is how she was willing to get stuck right in and give everything a go. It was great to see her develop her skills and confidence, and I’m going to miss her terribly!!

However, there’s now the opportunity for someone else to follow in Hayley’s footsteps. I’d love to welcome someone who’s looking to kickstart their career in marketing and join in the fun 🙂 If you’re a student at the University of Brighton and think you could be a good fit, please do get in touch!

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