GDPR is here. Pragmatic are #onit


Pragmatic has been working hard on GDPR for over a year now. We recently clarified, in broad terms, our GDPR position and today, the day that GDPR is born, we’re proud to be able to:

  1. Present our new GDPR compliant privacy & cookie notice.
  2. Offer clients GDPR compliant digital service and licence agreements (available on request) that, we believe, are completely fair to all parties whilst also honouring the new regulations as fully as is possible at this stage of their young life.
  3. Make our entire GDPR compliance document set (the Pragmatic GDPR statement of compliance) available to interested parties (available on request). That document is a 360° representation of the Pragmatic GDPR chops, tightly following ICO guidelines and mandatory document dictates.
  4. Give visitors at our personal data collection points clear, concise and easy to understand GDPR compliant privacy notices. Go see our contract form and job application form for good examples.
  5. Be devising and scheduling internal GDPR staff training as a continuation of staff awareness programs already underway.

We encountered a number of pain points along the way, most of which were the normal kind of linguistic and legal puzzlings expected to arise when implementing new, extensive regulations. Especially regulations like GDPR which have wide ranging technical implications. So, no problem, par for the course.

None the less, in our humble opinion, there are a couple of areas of GDPR which, as the rubber of those regulations hits the road of the real world, are impractical at best. We’ll be posting about those and how we dealt with them next week.

For now at least, please join us in our celebratory mood as we welcome in the GDPR and it’s honourable attempt to enshrine true respect for personal data into European Law.

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