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Five SaaS sites our Design and UX team really rate

It’s no secret that us designers spend a lot of time looking at other peoples websites. We try to forget the bad ones, but the good ones we furiously Slack to anyone who’s interested, and Instapaper or Evernote them for the next time inspiration calls.

At Pragmatic we regularly work with a wide variety of SaaS clients such as Sage, Dotmailer, and Microsoft. We also host of start-up and emerging SaaS platforms and products. So the level of engagement and communication that challenges these types of sites excite both myself and the design team. Therefore, I thought it would be good to share a few of the SaaS sites we really rate from a user experience and design perspective.


One of our partners we work with on Bacardi have a wonderful site. Super optimistic feel with a really unique extension of the branding, that helps humanise the often abstract nature of SaaS products.


This really exciting and fresh Swedish finance brand have a wonderful site that not only visually delights but uses really human copy and messaging to support and assist customers. The 50/50 profile gateway on the home page is particularly helpful in directing users to the right place as painlessly as possible.


AndCo is an employment SasS product with a good, but sector typical site here.

BUT this is where it gets interesting…

To differentiate themselves from their competitors they have produced a standalone Trend Report landing page with a very different feel from their main site. In doing this they elevate themselves by being seen as:

1. ‘Thought leaders’ in their sector so they immediately come across as well informed experts.

2. Altruistic and generous which gives user confidence in engaging and trusting the service.


We all love Slack and can’t imagine our daily lives without it. For their main site they’ve recently moved away from a fixed depth format on the homepage and succumbed to a longform scrolling page. I personally think it’s a good thing as it gives greater room for their product and message to breathe.


As designers we’re typically obsessed with typography, so this site by Typeform always comes up when we’re discussing exciting SaaS sites. Radical image composition, tasteful colours, engaging messaging all compliment a logical user journeys to create a class leading site.

If you’re a SaaS brand or company and would like to speak to us about how we can help you, please get in touch.

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