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First Pragmatic Web Project

It’s been a head-long charge into 2012 here at Pragmatic, with lots of new projects and clients coming in.

That hasn’t left a lot of time for updating this site, but there are a few updates that I’ll make over the coming weeks – our first site, our first bit of open-sourcery and this, news of the first actual Pragmatic Web project.

It was a WordPress site audit, undertaken for a Brighton-based digital agency in January. The client prefers to remain anonymous, and I won’t go into the results of the audit, but as this is the first project, it’s worth of a post of its own.

One of PWL’s aims is to try to open-source something from each project. Even at this early stage, that’s proving challenging, just in terms of finding the time to do so! From this project, I hope to release a template for a WordPress-based website audit – an outline structure and introduction to each section.

Watch this space.

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