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First Open-sourced thing

Well, I’ve just gitted (gat?) for the first time.

It’s not mind-blowing code or even necessarily mind-blowing anything, but I think it’s useful and I hope other people will too. It’s a WordPress-powered website audit template.

When taking on a new client that has an existing WordPress website, it’s good practice to undertake a decent audit of the site to see what shape it’s in. WordPress needs love: it needs maintenance, content curation, backing up and all manner of sundry care.

Pragmatic Web used this template for a new client recently. As part of our program of open-sourcing some aspect of each project undertaken, I’ve just uploaded the (HTML) template  here:

I chose HTML because it’s pretty transferable to Word or any other editor. Please feel free to fork, watch or perform any other git-related activity. I’ll make sure it’s updated if I think of anything to add or amend.

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