WordPress plugin fix for Facebook comments

Facebook Comments WordPress plugin ‘URL Unreachable’ fix

I’ve just found out something interesting that I haven’t seen a fix for elsewhere.

Using this plugin for WordPress (thanks @alexmoss), a client reported a problem that the plugin was saying ‘URL Unreachable’, as per the screenshot below.

I followed all the advice here but found that the settings were all correct.

This page advised using the Facebook URL Linter. I found no problems with the URL but noticed the client had used an ampersand character ‘&’ in their title.

I checked blog posts without that character in the title and hey presto! That was the common feature.

So, the fix for now is to avoid ‘&’ and possibly other special characters in your blog post titles. Looks like something Facebook needs to fix.

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  1. could this also occur when post titles arent using english characters?

  2. For some odd reason, whatever value I place in “Website with Facebook Login
    Site URL:”, it will only take that value. For ex my for Site url i have “http://domain.org/contest/” but since I have dynamically created pages where I can have “http://domain.org/contest/id/2131” or http://domain.org/contest/id/3414“, that wont work. If I use any of the urls above in my data-href, I get the error. So I just used http://domain.org/contest/ in my data-href

  3. i have this problem too
    and the posts appear in facebook as link without name and without picture

    so why that

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