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Some of the team watching Dave on the big screen.

Yesterday our Founder & Director, David Lockie presented his talk Discovery & Definition: The Key to a Successful WooCommerce Project to WooConf in Austin, Texas.

WooConf is a conference organised by the number 1 eCommerce solution for WordPress: WooCommerce. David’s talk was in the main hall at WooConf and streamed live around the world. We all excitedly gathered into the meeting room to watch the live stream of his talk.

David’s talk was focused on our process called Discovery & Definition. It helps us plan projects during that “weirdish, wild space” in between making a sale and putting a website into production. Discovery & Definition ensures both sides understand and share the same visions, requirements and expectations from a project before it’s begun.

Click below to be taken to the video on the WooConf site.

David at WooConf

The slides:

The slides were put together with assistance from Sarah and beautifully designed by our in-house designer, Tom.


WooConf’s top takeaway from the talk:

David made it into WooConf’s Top Takeaways from WooConf Day 2!

Here are some tweets from the session:

WooCommerce Developer Panel

Afterwards, David stayed on the stage to join the WooCommerce Developer Panel to discuss the advantages and disadvantages faced when developing with WooCommerce.

First, they all squeezed onto one sofa, which looked a bit snug.

David had a blast and we hear the afterparty was one to remember. You can see David speak on another panel this weekend at WordCamp London.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you with your WooCommerce design or development, get in touch!