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Yesterday evening the office was buzzing with development tutors and students sharing knowledge in code.

Trainee WordPress Developer and Codebar regular Romy Viflic helped organise the event and did a smashing job at making the evening run smoothly. Team Leader Tom Chute made everyone feel welcome at the start by introducing Pragmatic to the tutors and students, and WordPress Developer Adam Hollister joined Romy in sharing his coding knowledge with the student attendees.

Romy Viflic

RomyWhiteI was thrilled that Pragmatic hosted and sponsored Codebar last night. The workshops have helped me so much with my development training. The organisers and coaches have been incredibly supportive since I started attending a year ago, so it was really great to give back to their worthy cause by hosting last night’s Codebar.

I have recently started coaching beginner HTML and CSS students at the workshops – a stage that I was at myself not so very long ago, so I can relate to how overwhelming certain things can seem initially. I was really glad to be able to provide support on a one-to-one basis last night in our very own offices.

Adam Hollister

AdamwhiteI had a really great time at Codebar yesterday evening. I decided to coach and see if I could make myself useful to someone learning code.

The evening started with the attendees hanging out and chatting in our meeting room with some pizza, then at about 7pm we all congregated in rooms sorted by the different technologies the attendees were learning. Once we got started it was pretty encouraging to watch someone learning as we progressed through the tutorials.

My experience at Codebar showed me that there are a lot of people out there with an interest in learning how to code and an equal number of people (at least there were last night) who are willing to volunteer their time to help coach under-represented groups take their first steps into a sometimes daunting and confusing subject.

If you’re looking to learn how to code in a comfortable, inclusive environment, we would strongly recommend attending your local Codebar!