The 6 most useful MailChimp reports

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MailChimp can be a lot of fun. You get to drag and drop to create your own emails, adding pictures and links and proudly telling interested parties about the latest happenings in your organisation. And that’s before you’ve even got…

What we think about Automattic buying WooThemes

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The biggest news in WordPress in 2015 broke this week. Automattic (the company behind and a bunch of other WordPress products) has acquired WooThemes, the company behind WooCommerce – the world’s most popular ecommerce platform (in the top million…

Why your enterprise business should use WordPress

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Once upon a time there was a lady called Jane. Jane worked in the marketing department of SanCorp and she desperately needed a website to support a new campaign about how natural gas was actually going to reverse climate change and increase energy security. Her IT department offered her a SharePoint site for delivery in 3 months with a $100K internal costing. Even if her budget had stretched that far, the last site they built for her was ugly and by the time it launched, the campaign had finished.

Four things you always wanted to know about SEO

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1. How does Google decide which pages rank for which searches? Google rankings are determined by hundreds of factors designed to provide people with helpful, accurate search results. The official algorithm that google uses to determine page ranking is top secret…