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Amy Slade announced as Managing Director

This week we’re incredibly proud to announce that Amy Slade, formally our Operations Director, will be taking on the coveted role of Managing Director at Pragmatic.

Amy has been with the agency since 2015 when she joined as the Operations Director, bringing with her an unfathomable level of organisation. Over the past 4 years Pragmatic has continued to grow, both in number and ability to take on complex tasks and overcome business challenges through digital. It takes a certain character to lead the successful delivery of such projects at volume. Time and time again Amy’s central leadership style brought our departments together to ensure projects stay on track.

In her new role, Amy will be continuing to act as the integrator between board members from Operations, Commercial, Finance and People Ops, whilst bridging the gap to CEO. As an agency we can’t underestimate the importance of this role, the burdens are a heavyweight of accountability and lot of people to wrangle! However the MD position is at the beating heart of our business, and the rewards are vast, success comes in many forms, awards, recognition, financial and so on. The road ahead will continue to be a thrilling ride for Pragmatic and we are over the moon that Amy will be leading the way.

To date, our CEO, David Lockie, has fulfilled the MD role along with his many other hats. This week David made the announcement to the company, whilst reassuring staff he’ll still be very much involved, David will be relinquishing his operational duties and moving to a position that allows him to explore future technology opportunities and share findings. This is great news for clients and the WordPress community, of course, you can expect to see more of David on stage and in writing over the coming years. On Amy’s new appointment David said:

“I’ve always felt very lucky to work with Amy. Over the years, she’s demonstrated the loyalty, commitment and ability that make her the obvious choice as a successor to the MD role. I’m super excited to be able to focus my time and energy on being the best CEO I can be. I’m equally excited to see Amy take the business to new, better places in a way that I know I can’t.”

As we edge toward 2020 the feeling at Pragmatic is one of optimism, it’s taken a few years for us to grow into a mature agency with a well structured senior management team. With Amy in this lead role we are planning more growth, deeper expertise and even better delivery. From the whole team at Pragmatic, we genuinely wish Amy the best of luck.


Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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